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About Travis

Travis pointing at the camera with his golf club in hand
Travis Garcia in Somerset Letterman jacket

 On March 15, 2022 while traveling back to Hobbs from a golf tournament in Midland TX, Travis, his teammates, and coach were involved in a tragic bus accident killing 7 and injuring 2.


Travis was only 19 years old and had already accomplished so many of his goals. In his senior year alone he won 7 of the 8 tournaments he played in, he was the District Champion, received 2nd at Regionals and finished 10th in the State. Travis was extremely passionate about golf. Travis was a graduate of Pleasanton High School in 2021 and received a scholarship to continue playing golf for the University of the Southwest in Hobbs NM. He wanted to either be a pro golfer or work as a DPS officer and eventually work for the secret service. Travis grew up between Pleasanton and Floresville and spent many hours on both courses.


His love for the sport was undeniable. He was always willing to help out his teammates and wanted the best for everyone, even his competitors. Travis was a great example of a Servant Leader in his short time here and no matter how good he did, he remained humble and that was a big deal to him. Travis wrote "SFT" on his golf balls, which comes from the movie "Seven Days in Utopia." The meaning of "SFT" is S- See It, See the situations in front of you, forget what is behind you. Focus on the next shot. F- Feel it, feel the gravity of the moment, take it all in. T- Trust in God, when you put the first two together and make your decision trust that God is with you and guiding you to the right decision never doubt his love for you and your success.

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